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“Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning.”

William Arthur Ward

Gretchen Wilson’s Curiosity Journey

Curiosity has always been my driving force. But in 2002, my curiosity quest was forever changed—in ways I could have never imagined—by a woman I met through Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH).

My new friend, Katie Lynch, had a presence that immediately filled the room, a smile that penetrated hearts, and an impenetrable determination to push (and sometimes mow down) limiting boundaries of perception. Although we were both leading curious lives, Katie played much bigger; tackling seemingly insurmountable challenges with questions like “What if…?” or “Why not…?” and “Let’s try…and see what happens.”

Katie’s curious nature helped her overcome challenges few of us will ever experience. She had been born with a rare form of dwarfism. At 28 inches tall, 35 pounds and 27 years of age, she followed her curiosity and completed her version of the Boston Marathon, a more physically challenging feat than what a “typical” marathon runner endures.

Katie inspired me to fan the flames of my curiosity, pick my head up higher to see what I was missing, set my sights on more impactful endeavors, and be fearless in my quest to lead with curiosity. She once wrapped up these lessons in a gift bag that included a puzzle of a heart with “Yes You Can” inscribed on it in her handwriting, “The Little Engine That Could” book, a small purple heart, and a Curious George stuffed animal.
Katie passed away in October 2002, but her lessons have burned brighter in me every year since.

“Curiosity is, in great and generous minds, the first passion and the last.”

Samuel Johnson, Works of Samuel Johnson

A Career in Curiosity

Forever a student of life, my career spans the public and private sectors, and has afforded me multi-disciplinary experience in sales, service, operations, technology, product development, program management and intellectual property—all with a focus on economic development / business expansion. Whether working in large organizations or with newly formed startups, my charge has been to lead and facilitate change – and I have found immense success leading with curiosity.

The Experience Era in which we now live presents major challenges: converging technologies, free-flowing information and multi-cultural generations with differing expectations. In our fast-paced, ever changing world, we need new connections to fuel transformation. All meaningful progress begins with curious people.

Understanding the resistant, challenging environments faced by today’s leaders combined with the intense need for change among many of our institutions, I have dedicated the last 10 years to researching human behavior, change and the impact of curiosity.

Curiosity in Motion

Today, I speak to and help organizations lead with curiosity and optimize their human potential by re-cultivating curious leaders through:

  • True Curiosity, Serious Business Keynote Address
  • Leading with Curiosity – introductory half day workshop
  • Becoming a Curious Leader – 3 day workshop

I am also the co-author of Launch! Launch! 11 Key Elements of Wildly Successful Startups (2021).