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An organization is
a group of people coming together
for the purpose of serving the customer
bound together by trust.

A leader is someone who serves as an example,
inspiring others to learn and to grow.

gretchen wilson

The characteristics asked of today’s leaders differ greatly from the demands requested from leaders of the past. Today’s leaders must serve as an example that inspires others to learn and to grow toward their organizational purpose.

Curiosity is the catalyst for optimal learning and growth. A curious person has a strong desire to learn or know something because they want to, not because they have to. Because our world is changing so quickly, it is now more imperative than ever to spark and channel curiosity in your organization.

Is it possible to lead with curiosity without ensuing chaos?

Absolutely. Not only is leading with curiosity possible, but it is also transformative. Curiosity toward organizational purpose sets the stage for organizational alignment, trust, concentrated focus and, believe it or not, fun. The questions of What if….? Why not…? Where else…? and Who can…? are explored and more easily answered. When leaders spark and channel curiosity, everyone wins.

Are you prepared to lead with curiosity?

To serve as an example that inspires others to learn and grow, you must first be curious. And then you must spark and channel curiosity in others. Most leaders have never been asked to be curious. If you find yourself asking questions such as What does it mean to be curious? and How do I spark and channel curiosity?, you are not alone.

Curiosity brings unprecedented results for those willing to do the work to be today’s leaders.

See how curiosity can result in greater impact for you and your team.