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Curiosity. It’s a trait most often attributed to kids. And for good reason – kids have endless questions. Kids can teach us many lessons if we’ll only quiet the noise both inside and outside our head. The best lesson –

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What does it mean to lead with curiosity?

Did you know that between 40-95 percent of human behavior is habit, including thought? This doesn’t bode particularly well for organizations—especially if you consider that everyone from entry-level roles to the executive suite likely operates on autopilot for a decent portion

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Why Does Success Favor the Curious?

Success. It’s something we all define differently and yet we tend to agree on what makes a successful person. Successful people: As curious people, we show up differently: Curious people are leaders willing to go off the beaten path and

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Our Curious Journeys

Welcome to the land of the curious – a place that belongs to us all.  Curious people show up differently. As curious people, we are driven more from within than without, choosing to engage in the world with wonder instead

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