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Why Does Success Favor the Curious?

Success. It’s something we all define differently and yet we tend to agree on what makes a successful person. Successful people:

  • See what others don’t—PRESENCE & AWARENESS
  • Connect with people—TRUST
  • Take action—COURAGE
  • Don’t fail. Continuously learn—OPTIMISM

As curious people, we show up differently:

  • We are constantly learning, with most learning coming from everyday life
  • We are present in the moment with heightened awareness to all that is going on around us
  • We are authentic, dropping our egos in our pursuits
  • We are courageous, resulting from our sincere desire to learn and no ego to shield the insecurity of not knowing—and we put ourselves out there early and often

Curious people are leaders willing to go off the beaten path and find new ground—all in pursuit of their purpose.

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